Ever Seen Any Place That Google Also Dont Know?.


According to today's world, everyone are using google  vigorously without a certain limit. Not a few things, anything and everything will be available on Google. Google is an encyclopedia for us now. There is no day for us without google. It is like a trusted and securable one and only thing. For searching, hiding, storing, sharing, publishing, GPS whatnot everything is in Google. 

But, have you ever thought of any place that google couldn't find? Can u imagine the place and can you guess it? Of course no.

But there is a place still exist that google can't place. Even it is updating every day. You will like this place surely if you are a nature friend. 

In detail, it is a place in Egypt. A completely safe and secure. Can we leave our anything of our things with someone without any doubt? Obviously no. But here, in this place they leave their shops too with their neighbors. Isn't it interesting? Yes, that much of trust they give to them. In nights, there will be no shop with locks. Means they are completely unlocked over day and nights and you can Stole any thing.. But they may think like things are not most valuable than trust. 

And one more important thing is they have no literature, but they have their unique style of language which none of us can understand. And they have their style of dressings and they created their own community. The people living here are called as Nubians. It is so hard for us to learn their language and speak with them. Because there are no alphabets in their language it is just a speakable language. 

Ever Seen Any Place That Google Also Dont Know?.

The second place that the google can't place is a beach in Zanzibar. This is place is found at the middle of the ocean. Sounds crazy right? Yeah and its 500 meters far from the place which we can call as beach. Looks like impossible no!

Ever Seen Any Place That Google Also Dont Know?.

But its true that this place so far from the beach and it is not available for whole year. It is a place where sea goes back. Yes the sea goes back. Because of the low tides. At the time of low tides, the actual sea goes back away and the whole place is so secured and Safe, about that place we are discussing now. Because of that low tides, the ocean became a playground for kids. A craziest place for tourists. A touring trip for some people. Locals of that area go for a long walk. And that low tide period will be a heaven on earth for them. Business also happens theere. Like with deserts for visitors. Mini hotels for specials foods.

Ever Seen Any Place That Google Also Dont Know?.

And main thing and useful thing is they cultivate seeweed there. Yes it is true. After the back move of the ocean, they cultivate seaweed and it costs high rates. They do business over crores at that time only. They can estimate the tidals. So before the period ends up they stop cultivating and goes back thier homes.

Everyone at there, felt some what sad with the coming of high tides. Because without any specials new one don't come to visit the people at there. And they will have no business in normal days. But they are the real hard workers. 

High tide kicks people run off to safety. And the water come back to normal.

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