The Facts You Should Know About Disha App - And How To Install It?

The Facts You Should Know About Disha App - And How To Install It?


DISHA its an online app providing security in just one click.
Security of a girl child is crucial in these days. Many women are struggling to feed their family by independently. Families are also facing many problems to educate their girl child because of their security and financial issues.

Its the most scary moment to the family when a girl can home late. We have been observing many attacks on girls without respect of their age. Not only a certain age group are facing but also the entire are facing. Dreams of many girls have no voice because of the underestimating society.

And the question is how to overcome these attacks?

To overcome these issues, government of andhra Pradesh promoted DISHA app. It is a featured app having a lot of ways to contact security departments.
In this app, it has an interface with a red coloured SOS button. At any emergency we can click the button for instant help from police.

  • BE aware of the surroundings. 
  • make sure you are not out of sense.
  • make good use of self confidence.
  • dont let anyone stare at you.
  • dont take abusings lightly.
  • try to avoid late nights
  • try to travel in day times.
  • try to use public transport as much as.
  • wear helmet at bike for sure.
  • wear helmet at night and its mandatory.
  • In a new place try to be public. 
  • dont let anyone be on over contact with you.
  • dint sleep at night journeys if you are alone.
  • avoid parking at private area.
  • check back in back seat while entering into the car.
  • lock the doors immediately after get down of the car.
  • reject mobile phones while driving.
  • dont encourage lifts
  • dont be so silly about strangers
  • be sure about extra safety while starting.
  • always carry napkins with you.
  • dont go into unknown routes.
  • keep maintain location sharing with friends or siblings.
  • dont use shortcuts at night
  • dont keep phone at hands while traveling at nights.
  • be sure about phone charging.
  • carry a extra power bank with you.
  • dont be lazy at carrying hand bags.
  • activate speed dials 
  • immediately join into crowd when feel less secure.
  • stay connected to the family.
  • dont show up you fear when felt less safe. 
  • use mask or any other dupatta to cover your face. 
  • avoid smooth slippers, so that you can run easily when need.
  • remember all the important numbers, can be useful if any necessary.

We have a emergency police number, but this DISHA is only to save from abuses.

While we opening the we have an interface like this : 

How to install and use :

  • Click on the link.
  • Open with play store.
  • Click on the install button to download.
  • Sign up for free.
  • Login with OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Use the SOS button when it's emergency.

Download The Application From Given Link Below

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